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About Haylie

Celebrity nutritionist. Wellness consultant. 
Author of The Fast Metabolism Diet

haylie-at-home.jpgHAYLIE POMROY has spent more than 17 years helping people lose weight, improve fertility, overcome health challenges and reach optimal health while still enjoying real food and not going hungry! She’s the author of the upcoming book The Fast Metabolism Diet, now available for pre-order.

With clinic locations in Beverly Hills, Burbank, Irvine, and Fort Collins, Haylie is highly regarded in Hollywood and in the medical community. Her impressive client list includes celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Cher, Raquel Welch and Robert Downey Jr. Haylie is also the Vice President of Clinical Research and Development for East West Essentials, and a registered wellness consultant and certified holistic counselor.

She appears regularly on NBC’s Extra and Access Hollywood, and in Marie Claire, People, Star, and more.


Here’s what people are saying about Haylie


“[Haylie] can read problems and imbalances in our body systems and understand what it will take in nutritional elements or homeopathy to bring about a healthy balance again.”
M.F., Colorado

“Haylie is a diagnostician. Saying that she is good at it is understating the reality. She has a gift.”
P.F., Colorado

“By day 10 I felt great, I had dropped 8 pounds and my whole physique was different. I truly glowed with a healthy look.”
Rima Shideler

“…the plan was surprisingly easier (and tastier) then I thought! The results were miraculous; losing 12 pounds and 7% body fat in 14 days is proof in the pudding.”
J.D., Orange County, CA

“Haylie’s diet worked from day 1 to 28: I radiated health.  Haylie’s supportive attitude shines through the pages of her book.”
Hannah, Iowa City, IA

“I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds, and the weight is still dropping off, as my baggy clothes attest. My blood pressure has dramatically improved, I have oceans of energy…and I feel FANTASTIC.”
David, Los Angeles, CA

“Before working with Haylie and using this diet, I really have never really felt like I had a handle on my weight.  This diet has changed all that.”
Melanie, Ontario, Canada

“Haylie gave me great advice, experience and encouragement in order to have a drug-free, natural birth…I appreciate the time she allows all her clients, taking an interest and truly wanting to help them.”
Lindsay Law, Loveland, CO

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